dadoc book reading challenge

Dear Parent,

At Dukes and Duchesses of Cambridge Academy, we encourage your child to participate in the "Raising Readers Challenge" which aims to foster a love of reading in children.

Every Friday, we will allocate  a book for your child to read from our school website and they will be assessed on the book the following Friday.

Based on the weekly assessment on these books,  If they earn 3 stars, they will receive a recognition  certificate and If they earn 6 stars, they will receive a second recognition  certificate. Any child who earns 9 stars will be awarded with a free book to take home!

Please ensure your child reading records are documented in the Academy Child's Daily/Weekly Report book so we can award them the stars they deserve on their performance!

Thank you for partnering with us to give the best education to your children

Click on the links  below for the online books are for your child:

NURSERY                   PRIMARY                  SECONDARY 

Happy Reading!

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